Avast free anti-virus for home user

I have been using Avast for years and happy to say my home computer has always been virus free.

Follow these easy steps to download and install the FREE Anti-virus program Avast on your Computer.

Step One:

Download the Free Avast software here Download here

Select Save File

Uninstall what ever Anti-virus you are using now even if it has expired !

To Uninstall go to Start / Control Panel

Select Programs and Features /Find your old Anti-virus program select it and choose uninstall

Reboot your Computer

Step Two:

Double click the file you downloaded

Follow this little step by step

Un-check Install Google Chrome then select Express Install

This Step can take up to 10 minutes

after the installation when you reboot for the registration it will prompt you to download a trial of Internet security, don’t do it. Once you register your good for a year.

Step Three:

You will be prompted when updates come out

Always Update, but never upgrade

Follow blue arrow, not recommended arrow :)

You need to registration every year, so use a valid email address

To change your Avast settings double click the icon in your task bar

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